International Tribunal on the Rights of Nature will visit TIPNIS

On November 7th and 8th of 2017, the International Tribunal of Rights of Nature, organized its fourth session in Bonn, Germany.  During the second day of the audiences, the Tribunal listened to different cases of generalized violations of indigenous rights and Rights of Mother Earth in the Amazon region.  One of the cases was the “Territorio Indígena y Parque Nacional Isiboro Sécure (TIPNIS – or Indigenous Territory and National Park Isiboro Sécure) in Bolivia, presented by the Subcentral of Indigenous Peoples of TIPNIS, Fabián Gil and the president of the Women’s Organization of TIPNIS, Marqueza Teco Moyoviri de Maleca. The International Tribunal of the Rights of Nature accepted the case presented by the TIPNIS delegation and decided to organize an International Commission of Observers.  One of the objectives of the trip, is to verify the demands presented of violations of Rights of Nature and Indigenous Peoples. In base of all the compiled elements, the Tribunal will be able to emit a final decision on the case.
The Commission will be in Bolivia from the 14th to the 24th of August to meet with State authorities, indigenous communities and diverse civil society groups; and to know about the project of the Bolivian government and the construction of the highway in TIPNIS, to understand the impact in the context of Rights of Nature.

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